Case Axial-Flow 250 Series

This is Case Axial-Flow 250 Series 2020 North America

Price: 432000 $
Performance: 555HP - 625HP
Category: Combine Harvester
Capacity: 14448l - 26780l

- 20 Wheels Configurations in 2WD or RWA variant (LSW Floaters, Row Crop Duals, Wide Duals, Singles, Wide Singles)
- 6 Tracks Configurations in 2WD or RWA variant
- 2 250 Series motor Configurations (8250 / 9250)
- 2 Grain Tank Configurations (Static WINDOM Extension / standard Foldable Extension)
- 3 Pipe Configurations (Standard / New Foldable / New Static)
- 4 Hitch Extension Configurations (No / Standard / Static Extension / Foldable Extension)
- 2 Rear axis Configurations (Standard / Wide)
- 3 Tires brands (Michelin / Case / LSW)

Addons and New Features:
- Fully Americanized version: all US decals and stickers, proper US Spreaders, Tracks Systems, US wheels spacing and sizes, US Grain Tanks Configurations
- Extrimiti Lights (US Flashers) work like Turn Lights and Default Lights depending from which Lights we will turn on
- Edited model for more proper US version
- Realisitc Axial-Flow 250 Series threshing sounds,
- Spreader works only when we will select swath, when we select straw - Spreader will fold and turn off
- All real Number Dashboards for Worked Hours, Worked Hectares, Operating Time, Speed, RPM, Capacity, Temperature, Fuel Usage and Fuel Capcity
- Real xml values (speed, capacity of Grain Tanks, fuel capacity, fuel usage, overloading speed, motor scales and power)
- All Grain Tanks have Separate FillVolume with different Capacity and shape, Separate Work Lights and auger Pipe with animations.

- Fixed problems with LSW 1400, 1250, 1100 and 850 tires Configurations,
- Updated store picture and icon,
- Proper Credits section for Axial-Flow 250 Series Feeder House.

- 3D Tracks Configurations,
- New realistic threshing sounds,
- Beep sounds added on 50%, 80% and 100% of grain filling (heard only from the cabin!),
- New LED work lights (front, back, pipe Configurations and grain tank Configurations),
- 3D base model fixes,
- More details on model,
- New grain tank Configuration (Static Factory Extension),
- Fixed detached connectionHoses,
- Fixed few configuration prices to set realistic ones.
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