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  • Error message: Can't load game.xml
    please delete the game.xml file, which can be found in the following folder:

    • PC: C:/Users/Username/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator
    • Mac: Users/User name/Library/ApplicationSupport/FarmingSimulator201X/game.xml

    Although you deleted the file, you'll be able to start the game without any problems - it will create itself. Please be advised, that you need to readjust your personal settings, like resolution, etc. afterwards.

    This error can occur, after you save the game in combination with mods, which can trigger some errors.
    If necessary, please install the latest patch from Updates
  • Error message: 0xc000007b
    The error message "0xc000007b" is a problem which is related to your operating system and is not caused by the game.

    It is likely, that this error was caused when upgrading the operating system. Some of your system files are corrupted and need to be replaced.

    When searching the internet, you may find files by other users who claim that by downloading them, you can solve the issue. We strongly recommend against downloading these files as they are not officially from Microsoft and can contain viruses.

    The only secure option is to do a complete reinstallation of your operating system in order to restore the corrupted or missing files.
  • Error message: Activation limit exceeded
    If you receive this error message when activating the game, it means that the game has already been activated on multiple devices or setups, Please note, that the game is a single user license and should only be used on one PC. If you have any doubts, please send us your product key and tell us where you purchased it.

  • My product cannot be activated
    Should the "continue" button stil be greyed out after you have entered the key, there probably is a typo in it. Please make sure you have entered the product key correctly. Note that you need to include the hyphens, i.e. "1234-5678", not "1234 5678". The key is also case-sensitive. Sometimes a 6 looks like a b on the print. Put a 6 instead, whenever you read a b.
    If you can't get it to work, then please send us a photo of your key so we can check it for errors.
  • Error message: Download limit exceeded
    If you receive this error message when attempting to download the product, please send us an email indicating the product key and the error message.
  • Error message: Game is not installed
    When this error message appears, either the update was not downloaded in the correct language or you have recently performed a system upgrade that led to problems (from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for example).
    In order to correct the issue, please reinstall the game as well as the latest patch in the same language with your administrator rights.
    The latest patch can be found in updates
  • My product key has been temporarily blocked
    Please note that every player in the multiplayer game mode needs to have a separate key. If a key is used multiple times it gets banned temporary.

    If you are still having problems regarding this topic please send us your activation key via email.

  • Error message: Shader Model 3.0 or higher is required
    This message can appear when you attempt to start the game. It is related to issues with the graphics card.
    First of all, please check if your graphics card meets the minimum requirements.

    Should that be the case, please check if the latest graphics card drivers are installed.
    The latest drivers for your card can be installed from here

    Should the message continue to appear, then there are still several options that can be tested.
    Our customer support (contact details below) will gladly have a closer look on your case and can give you practical tips.
    Please provide as much details as possible so that we can identify your problem quickly.
  • My controller / wheel is not working with the game
    There is a so called “Heavy Equipment Bundle” specifically designed for Farming Simulator by Saitek / Logitech.
    This bundle includes a wheel, pedals and a side panel and is officially supported by Farming Simulator (PC/Mac only).
    More information can be found on the manufacturers homepage.

    Controllers / wheels from other manufacturers are officially not supported by Farming Simulator.
    However, our experience shows that most unspecific controllers / wheels who do not require any additional drivers, are usually recognised by the game.
    Please note that we cannot give you any purchase advice and that we cannot be held liable in the case of incompatibility.

  • I cannot establish a connection to a multiplayer game
    General troubleshooting
    This message can appear in several cases:
    • First of all, please make sure that you use the same game version as the host player. You can download the latest update on Updates
    • It is also important to check the filters setting, You might have not given the right information in order to find the desired game when you used the in-game filters.
    • Do you use any mods? You also have to use the exact same mods as the host player.

    Last but not least, the player that hosts a network game might not have (properly) setup the port forwarding at his router.

    Please activate the UPNP option on your router or cable modem. The default port of Farming-Simulator is: 10823. If you changed the default port you also Need to use the new port on your router or cable modem. Further it is necessary that TCP and UDP are forwarded. Please check the manual of your router or your cable modem in order to get instructions on how to configure port forwarding.

    Please see one of the available guides, such as, for detailed information on how to unblock and forward the ports for your specific network setup.

    Only for console players:
    Please make sure that your network setup allows traffic though the following ports:
    Platform UDP Inbound/Outbound
    PlayStation 4 10831, 10833, 10838, 10846
    Xbox One 10832, 10834, 10839, 10847

    Further, it is required that your network setup allows other players to connect to your console. If you are still experiencing connection issues after you unblocked the port, you should make sure that the following ports are correctly forwarded to your console.

    Ports that should be forwarded to your console:
    Platform UDP
    PlayStation 4 10823
    Xbox One 5000, 10823

  • The game is not running smoothly when I join a multiplayer game
    The multiplayer experience is mainly defined by the upload speed of the Internet connection of the player that created the game.
    We recommend an Internet connection with an upload speed of at least 5 Mbit/s, while higher speed usually allow a smoother experience. Thus, you should make sure that the player with the fastest Internet connection creates the game.
    Also the network latency between the host and the client is as small as possible. While you are playing after joining a game you can see the latency to the host in the upper left corner of the minimap, e.g. 50ms. We recommend to make sure that the latency is small than 100 milliseconds if possible, even though the game is still playable with a higher latency.
    Further, we recommend using a wired network connection instead of WiFi to allow the shortest latency and less data loss.
  • I cannot create a game on my dedicated server
    This error message appears when you install your dedicated server and you have used a system name which is blocked by our profanity filter.

    Common names are "Administrator" or "Agrarservice". Please select another username and install the game again.
  • I can't activate my game on Steam
    Farming Simulator keys are not compatible with Steam. Both the download and the DVD version of the game are not transferable to Steam. The functionality however is exactly the same.
  • Why I can't activate my copy of Farming Simulator (Digital Version), Add-on or DLC?
    Please ensure that the game is not blocked by any firewall or similar security software. An internet connection is needed, otherwise the digital download version can't be activated. Sometimes wrong Internet Explorer settings can block the communication.

    How to check proxy server settings:
    1. Open Internet Explorer
    2. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
    3. Click the Connections tab, and then click LAN settings.
    4. Check if the proxy settings match with the image below.
  • My DVD / Disc cannot be read
    If the disc cannot be read at the beginning of the installation, or if some of the files can't be copied during the installation, there are two possibilities:

    • The DVD drive may be damaged. Check the drive for dust and potential damages and clean it thoroughly. Insert the disc into a different PC to check if it is really an issue with the drive.
    • The DVD may be damaged or has production errors. Check the DVD for impurities and scratches and clean it with a microfibre tissue. If that doesn't help and the disc is new, bring it back to the store where you bought it.
  • Download corrupted
    If you cannot open the installer to set up the game, then the file has probably been corrupted while downloading.
    To avoid this problem from happening, please do not use any download-managers (such as the Softonic Download Manager) or download helper addons, because they can cause problems. Please also try different browsers (Internet Explorer / Firefox / Chrome) to download the file again.
    In addition, please check your firewall(s) and antivirus settings, that they don't block the connection.
    Please check the file size as well. Maybe you didn't download the complete installer, because the internet connection got interrupted.
  • Error message: User generated content is blocked
    If you receive this error message on your Xbox One, then your Xbox Live Account is restricted by your parental control settings. To change the settings, please proceed like this:

    • Make sure you are logged in with your Xbox account
    • Open the system settings
    • Go to "Account" and then "Privacy & online safety"
    • Select „Adult defaults“ and then proceed with „View Details and Customize“
    • Make sure that the settings are all turned on, especially that you are now able to download anything to your console

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