Bonus content

Some versions of Farming Simulator include bonus content, that is not part of the regular game and can be downloaded separately. Bonus content is usually limited to pre-orders.

How can I download my bonus content?

  • If you have ordered the game through our own online shop, please visit the Download Portal and enter your personal product key. Bonus contents can be downloaded directly from the list.
  • If you have bought the game in a retail store, or somewhere else, you will receive possible bonus content directly from the merchant. If it's a disc, bonus codes will be inside the cover on a separate sheet.

Bonus code lost / Download not possible

  • If you have lost a bonus key that came with a disc, please send us a copy of the receipt via E-Mail. Also let us know, which bonus content you are missing. We will send you a replacement.
  • If you receive a message that the content has been downloaded too often, please send us the bonus key and also let us know, which bonus content you are missing.

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