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This Dedi App 17 and 19 are free and available for Android and iOS in the respective stores.

You can use the Dedi App server as administrator or as a player on a dedicated server. With this app, you will be able to follow up the activity of the server. You can also create and assign tasks in order to reach the next level and be at the top of the leaderboard.

Please note that if you rent a server, instead of hosting it yourself, you cannot use this app.

Starting with the dedi app

Please download the app from the Google Play Store / Apple AppStore.
To add your server, click on the “plus”. A pin code will be asked.
In order to get this pin code, please go to the web interface on your Dedi server // Select “home” section. Your pin code is displayed in “notifications”.

Menu and options


You can have a look on the activity on the map, and the latest feeds in the chat.


The map enables you to localize the equipment, as well as the active players, the time and the money.


The chat enables you to communicate with all your friends using the Dedi app.


Here you can see all the players from the Dedi server using the Dedi app.


Admin and players can create tasks for other players.
Each player can assign himself tasks created by others but not the tasks he/her created.
Once it is completed, the task needs to be reviewed by another player. Then the player, who completed the task, will receive a reward or needs to work again on the task (in the case the review was not conclusive).


You can add events and manage the calendar of the server’s community

Active players

Showing you the players that are online

Active mods

The mods that are installed on your server.

Resource monitor

Information about your server’s activity and maintenance status


Overview of the game settings. You cannot change them from the app, only from the web interface.

App settings

It gives you the opportunity to turn off/on the notifications inside the app.
You need to customize these settings for each of your servers.

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