Year 2 Season Pass - THIS Is What You Get

September 01, 2023

All packs and the expansion for the Year 2 Season Pass for Farming Simulator 22 are now unveiled. And by purchasing the Season Pass, you still save up to 30% compared to buying all that sweet extra content separately! In case you missed our announcement and recent releases, check out what's in there!

This Is What You Get!

Included in the Year 2 Season pass are the Göweil Pack, the Hay & Forage Pack, the HORSCH AgroVation Pack, the upcoming Oxbo Pack plus the upcoming Premium Expansion. You also get a bonus: the BM-Volvo LM 845! 

Even More With Premium: Choose & Pre-Order!

On November 14th, we release the Premium Expansion for Farming Simulator 22 and add lots of new machines, a new map and three more crops (carrots, parsnips and red beet). The Premium Edition however, also includes the basegame as well as the Year 1 AND the Year2 Season Pass content!

Premium Expansion

  • New Crops: Carrots, Parsnips & Red Beet
  • New Map: Zielonka (Central European)
  • New Factories & Production Chains
  • Over 35 New & Specialized Machines
  • 4 New Brands, 15 Brands Overall

Premium Edition

  • Farming Simulator 22 Base-Game
  • Premium Expansion (above)
  • Platinum Expansion
  • Antonio Carraro Pack
  • Kubota Pack
  • Vermeer Pack
  • Göweil Pack
  • Hay & Forage Pack
  • HORSCH AgroVation Pack 
  • Oxbo Pack

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