Oxbo Pack Now Available For PC & Consoles!

September 19, 2023

With the Oxbo Pack, we have now released the fourth and final pack in the second year of Farming Simulator 22 (but, don't forget the expansion coming in November)!

It offers a variety of cool new machines by the renowned international manufacturer and lets you optimize your farming operations with handy new machinery. If you got the Year 2 Season Pass, you're covered, of course!

Harvester, Applicator, Merger

Visually impressive and fun to operate, the Oxbo 6030 is definitely the highlight of the pack - a configurable multi-function grape harvester & sprayer.

Meanwhile, the three-wheeled and sharp-turning Oxbo AT4103 & AT5105 applicators for manure and slurry application offer highly maneuverable steering and high capacity  - thanks to their big tanks, which come in handy on your fields.

Since Oxbo is a pioneer when it comes to the triple merger concept, you also get the Oxbo 2340 forage merger. It comes with a 12-meter working width for increased productivity of forage production.

All Machines in the Oxbo Pack

  • Oxbo 6030 - Harvester configurations
  • Oxbo 6030 - Sprayer configuration
  • Oxbo AT5105 - LNMS configuration
  • Oxbo AT5105 - DNMS configuration
  • Oxbo AT4103 - LNMS configuration
  • Oxbo AT4103 - DNMS configuration
  • Oxbo 2340

Want more? Get the Season Pass!

 If you want to extend your copy of the game with loads of new content, check out the Year 1 Season Pass and Year 2 Season Pass! Especially, since you save even more money compared to buying the packs and expansions separately. 

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