New Multiplayer Modes: Arena & Bale Stacking Enter Open Beta!

May 10, 2023

If you and your friends should come to a dispute - like whose turn it is to harvest the oversized field of wheat with a small combine harvester after someone spend the money for an upgrade on a decadently big tractor - you can now battle it out in new multiplayer modes!

The brand-new Arena Mode and Bale Stacking Mode enter the beta phase in Farming Simulator 22. It's an open beta and available for everyone on PC right now. So, check it out! 

Activate "esports" Branch For Competitive Farming!

You have to opt in to the esports branch of Farming Simulator 22, which grants you access to the beta version of our new competitive farming modes. It's only a few clicks, don't worry.

GIANTS version

Shift + double-click on the Farming Simulator 22 icon will start the auto updater. Select the "esports" version and click on the save button.

Steam version

Open the Farming Simulator 22 settings via the steam game library, select the "esports" beta branch and confirm.

After selecting the esports branch, the game will update, and you'll find the "esports" entry in the main menu of Farming Simulator 22. 

Grab Some Friends Or Battle Strangers!

Whether you play with friends or alone, using the matchmaking, you can now prove your farming skills and strategic abilities. In the Bale Stacking Mode, you compete with others for the highscore of carefully stacked bales.

If that's not competitive enough for you, enter the arena and compete in a 3 vs. 3 environment against other players. Find out, which team is best at strategically harvesting wheat, pressing bales and delivering them to the own team's barn! 

Got Beta Feedback?

You can submit your feedback regarding the new beta game modes via our public bug tracker

Want To Go Professional? Join The FSL!

You probably know the Arena Mode from the Farming Simulator League already. If you're interested in competing on a professional level, check out the website for the FSL, where you and your friends can register and join the league. 

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