Bale More, Bale Better! Göweil Pack Now Available

March 21, 2023

Upgrade your farm with nine new machines by Göweil and extend one of the most fun core activities in the game: baling and wrapping resources. Check out the Launch Trailer!

The Göweil Pack is now available for PC and consoles and lets you put more material into bales, deploy autonomous machines on your farm, and enjoy some cool quality-of-life improvements! 

Un-bale-lievable Cool Machines For Your Farm

With the Göweil Pack, you'll be able to transform even more resources into bales: Corn silage, sugar beet pulp, and mixed feed in addition to grass, hay, and straw. To achieve perfectly pressed bales, there is a variety of cool machines at your disposal.

While machines like the Göweil LT-Master F115 or VARIO-Master V140 let you put more resources into bales than before, you can also deploy autonomous machines like the G4010 Q Profi at your farm and benefit from their high efficiency without even moving them!

Meanwhile, roller wrappers like the Göweil G1015 attach to front loaders or three-point hitches and transport, wrap, and stack bales - with only one single machine. In addition, bale turners make your life easier and restrain bales from rolling downhill, optional silage additive tanks raise the bale quality. New bale grippers and bale forks definitely come in handy, too. 

Machines Included In The Göweil Pack

  • Göweil LT-Master F115
  • Göweil VARIO-Master V140
  • Göweil G-1 F125
  • Göweil G-1 F125 Kombi
  • Göweil G1015
  • Göweil G4010Q Profi
  • Göweil G5020
  • Göweil RBG
  • Göweil BTGQU

About Göweil

Austrian manufacturer Göweil has an international reputation for producing high-quality, durable, and innovative machinery - especially baling and wrapping technology. The company was founded in 1988 in Kirchschlag (Upper Austria), where all machines are designed, developed and produced by currently around 250 employees.

While Göweil constantly grows, their machines become more and more popular all around the world. With their debut in the Farming Simulator series, a broad selection of machines and tools adds new possibilities for virtual farmers with a knack for baling. 

Get The Year 2 Season Pass!

If you want to extend your copy of the game with loads of new content, check out the Year 2 Season PassEspecially, since you save money compared to buying the packs and the Platinum expansion separately. The Year 1 Season Pass continues to be available separately. 

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