Patch 1.9 now available to download

March 14, 2023

Please Note! The patch is currently being rolled out across platforms. It can take a couple of hours until the update becomes available on your system. Crossplay services may be affected in the meantime.

A new patch for Farming Simulator 22 is available for download. In preparation for the Göweil Pack (Release: March 21st), a new storage building is now available, in which you can store bales and pallets of any shape and size. Of course, this is for everyone - even if you don't own the Göweil Pack.

You can improve your gaming experience even more with the new graphics setting "Screenspace Shading Rate". As usual, the patch also contains a number of optimizations - you can find the complete list of changes below.

Changelog for Patch 1.9

Please Note! As with all major updates to Farming Simulator, you may experience stuttering on the first game launch after updating. Especially when using mods or custom graphics settings due to shaders being recompiled.

New Additions

  • Added bale and pallet storage building
  • TMR can now be transported with silage trailers
  • Added 'Screenspace Shading Rate' option for improved performance

Bugfixes & Changes

  • Fixed discharging of Kuhn SPW Intense
  • Fixed state of bale wrappers after savegame loading or joining in multiplayer
  • Visual fixes on Claas XERION, Hardi Aeon, Hawe SUW, John Deere 6R, Krone BiGX & Manitou MLT 625
  • Fixed start duration of Zetor Z-25K
  • Fixed server list not refreshing after canceling password dialog


  • Added support for up to 64 fruit types in mod maps

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