Got a multiplayer community? Let's stream together!

February 17, 2023

We are looking for content creators and hosts of active multiplayer communities with a lively and unique spirit that have something to show and tell. Are you part of such a community? Get in touch with us, then! 

Your Multiplayer Community

Do you and your community host a multiplayer server in Farming Simulator 22 and have something fun and special going on? If that's the case, our Community Coordinator Kermit might want to pay you a visit, and have a chat with you live on air.

In our new streaming series on Twitch and YouTube, Kermit visits a variety of engaging content creators to discuss love for Farming Simulator and cooperative farming. You can watch the recordings on our newest YouTube channel: Farming Simulator Community Corner. Find the latest episode below!

Apply For A Live-Stream Session!

Of course, the more interesting your community and your activities, the better the chances that Kermit might drop into your stream and on your server. You've got to pitch us, what's going on.

Submit Your Application

Just fill out the form, answer a few simple questions and tell us how we can get in touch with you. Please keep in mind, that we usually get a load of messages - we might not get the chance to respond to everyone. But, if we do - let's play and stream a multiplayer session together!

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