Farming Simulator Kids Now Available!

For tiny farmers, it might be the first time, they take steps on virtual soil: Farming Simulator Kids is now available for Nintendo Switch, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It's designed for children to learn about the joy and importance of agriculture. Now available!

Like a Children’s Book About Farming

Farming Simulator Kids invites young players to live a cozy farm life and enjoy a variety of activities around nature and its produce: Planting and harvesting nutritious crops, taking care of loveable animals, producing and trading countless products like strawberry milk, and more.

With the visual charm of a hand-drawn children's book, kids are motivated to make their own connections between their discoveries: After learning how plants grow by following simple steps in the field, they get a sense of the value of using crops to make products and trade. 

Joyfully Exploring Farm-Locations

All this becomes even more fascinating when they get to drive a tractor and put their little colorful avatar behind the wheel of a John Deere machine. The renowned manufacturer was involved in the development from the very beginning, by the way. Represented by a number of its iconic machines in a striking green with yellow accents, children may already recognize them from the real fields near their homes.

Four environments are available to explore from the start: The farming house with multiple rooms, the farmland rich with crops, a spacey barn full of animals, and the farmer’s market where little farmers trade and sell items. More are planned for the near future. 

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