Now Available: Pumps N' Hoses - Third-Party Pack by Creative Mesh

27 Wrzesień 2022

Start pumping! Developed by Creative Mesh and published by GIANTS Software, the Pumps N' Hoses Pack is now available for Farming Simulator 22. 

Implement umbilical systems on your farm, configure your own biogas plants, and do what needs to be done on behalf of efficiency: separate manure! It's really more about pumps and hoses, though. Check the launch trailer to pump yourself up a bit!

Third-Party Pack Adds New Gameplay Features

Pumps N' Hoses implements three new components to deepen the gameplay of virtual farming: Umbilical systems, manure separation, and biogas plant configuration add never-seen gameplay features to the series. New brands, machines, and tools? Sure, all in there as well.

Let's talk numbers: Included in Pumps N' Hoses are more than 40 new items. Dutch manufacturer Schouten, German steel storage specialist Stallkamp, biogas feeding technology manufacturer BvL and 2G Energy are represented and push the number of brands available in Farming Simulator 22 beyond 150. 

Support Creative Mesh - Get Pumps N' Hoses!

While Pumps N' Hoses is published by us, GIANTS Software, it's Creative Mesh who deserves the credit: As the team is pushing itself to develop large-scale products, you can support the former modders by purchasing Pumps N' Hoses on our official website store - or wherever you get your additional content for Farming Simulator 22.

Creative Mesh was founded in 2016 by some members of "bm-modding", which have been active in the Farming Simulator community since 2011. They created many acclaimed mods for several installments of the Farming Simulator series and won the official Farming Simulator mod contest in 2015.

For Farming Simulator 17 and 19, Creative Mesh developed the Straw Harvest Expansion, focussing on straw baling, pelletizing and all the different equipment around it. 

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