Free Emergency Pack Now Available for PC & Consoles

10 Listopad 2023

Attention, farmers! There’s an emergency, and you, as an engaged resident, can lend a hand to your fellow neighbors. You just have to install the Emergency Pack. It's free, it's on ModHub, it's available now - on PC and consoles. Check out the Launch Trailer!

Respond to Emergencies!

Developed by Creative Mesh, makers of Pumps N' Hoses and Straw Harvest, the Emergency Pack offers you ten emergencies from four different scenarios that occur on and around local farmlands. When the pager starts to beep, you dispatch with two multifunctional firetrucks and a variety of professional tools to rush to the scene. 

Fight Fires, Rescue People - and Cats!

Your responsibilities as a firefighter include, well... firefighting, of course, as well as mitigation of hazardous, obstructive materials on the road (like trees or oil spills), and technical rescue of injured passengers in a car crash. More than that, a good firefighter also responds to helpless kittens stuck in trees. So, put up a ladder and save the cat!

When it comes to fires in the area, extinguish rising flames by hand or from the safety of the fire truck. Pallets, containers, bales, or fields catch on fire from time to time (change the frequency of occurrence in the settings). When oil is spilled, fallen trees block the road, or a car crash occurred, you have to secure the area, first.  

Specialized Firetrucks & Tools

You can't dispatch to emergencies without proper vehicles and tools, can you? Included in the Emergency Pack are the authentically digitized HLF20 and TLF3000 firetrucks by German manufacturer Schlingmann. With specialized tools, you eliminate dangerous materials or obstacles and cut free passengers trapped in automobiles.

Need reinforcements? Play the Emergency Pack with your friends, as the trucks can seat up to nine virtual firefighters and volunteers (multi-passenger script of the Kubota Pack required). And if those ten missions are not enough, additional scenarios can be created via mods, allowing you to create your own missions. 

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