[FarmCon 22] Extended Preview: Third-Party Pack "Pumps N' Hoses"

17 Août 2022

At this year's FarmCon, we took a closer look at the new third-party pack "Pumps N' Hoses" by Creative Mesh and some of its machines and mechanics. Let Frederic Leifeling from Creative Mesh take you through the new content:

New Gameplay Features & Machines

Over 30 items from Dutch manufacturer Schouten, German steel storage specialist Stallkamp and biogas technology manufacturer BvL are included in Pumps N' Hoses.

The pack consists of basically three components to introduce new gameplay features: Umbilical systems, manure separation, and biogas plant configuration.

Want to know more about Pumps N' Hoses? Check out the official announcement with more information about the features! The Pumps N' Hoses Pack will be available for Farming Simulator 22 on September 27th - for PC and Consoles.

Pre-Order Now And Support Creative Mesh!

Presented and published by GIANTS Software, Pumps N' Hoses is made by Creative Mesh. By pre-ordering and purchasing the third-party pack for Farming Simulator 22, you can support the mod-team that grew into a development studio directly. 

Pumps N' Hoses will be available on September 27th for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

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