Vermeer Pack feat. World's First Self-Propelled Baler - Now Available!

23 Août 2022

Today, Vermeer joins Farming Simulator 22. From the inventors of the round baler as you know it, comes the first self-propelled baler to operate in the game. See all items included in the Vermeer Pack below and prepare for more efficient baling!

Check out our Launch Trailer, telling you more about the history of the North-American manufacturer!  The Vermeer Pack is included in the Year 1 Season Pass and requires the installation of Patch 1.7, that is also available now.

Operate Machines From Industry Pioneers!

Thanks to the Vermeer ZR5-1200, a self-propelled baler (and the first of its kind), baling gets a lot more efficient. It allows you to press bales as fast as possible, with great comfort and maneuverability. But, a tractor? Not required!

It's especially easy to use thanks to the zero-turn capability and high transport speeds - saving you a lot of time on and between fields. There's more: A trailed mower, a twin rake, as well as a high-duty baler and a bale processor are also included in the Vermeer pack. 

Included in the Vermeer Pack

  • Vermeer ZR5-1200 self-propelled baler
  • Vermeer TM1410 trailer mower
  • Vermeer BPX9010 bale processor
  • Vermeer R2800 twin rake
  • Vermeer 605N baler

Check out the Fact Sheets for the Vermeer Pack!

About Vermeer

Founded in 1948 by Gary Vermeer as the Vermeer Manufacturing Company in Iowa, the company is internationally known on construction, landscaping, environmental, excavation, and forage markets with industry-leading solutions. The first large round baler as it is commonly known today was invented by Gary Vermeer in 1971. Over the decades, Vermeer introduced all sorts of revolutionary machinery to make life easier for farmers - even until today. That includes the self-propelled baler, first demonstrated in 2017. 

Get Access & More Content!

If you want to extend your copy of the game with loads of new content, including the Vermeer Pack and all previous packs for Farming Simulator 22 - you might want to take a look at the Year 1 Season Pass! Especially, since you save money compared to buying the packs and expansion separately. 

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