Preview: Farm Production Pack Coming Soon!

April 09, 2024

You need to run your farming operation smooth and sustainable - especially when it comes to logistics and resource management. Also, you should start washing your crops!

With the Farm Production Pack by Design, Modeling & Innovation (DMI - formerly known as Dutch Modding Incorporated) & GIANTS Software, you can soon expand your operation through a variety of supply and distribution options, including storage. It's coming April 30th for PC and consoles! You can preorder now. 

Upgrade Economics, Production & Storage

Included are over 20 new machines, buildings, selling-points, and more to expand your operation. Whether you want to start small or expand an already thriving operation: The Farm Production Pack has content for early game earnings (we're talking passive income here!) as well as the big stuff you build your way to - like a full-blown distribution center. Daily challenges included.

Starting Small, But Sustainable! 

Before you concern yourself with expanded economics and build your logistical empire, you may start with setting up newer, smaller, and therefore more affordable wind turbines. The new solar panels, though, come with a remote control robot cleaning them from the dust of your fields! 

As nice as this passive income is, even nicer are the new sheds, you can build with the funds that keep on coming. Open, closed, small, medium, big - take your pick! You can also customize them before you use them to store machines, pallets, bales, or bulk material.

Growing the Business(es)

Sooner rather than later, you’ll notice that the market around your farm has grown and has gotten more demanding: The new selling points have dynamic prices and daily demands.

Vending machines, market stalls, as well as a supermarket and a farm store for agricultural goods reward fast deliveries with a little extra. 

New Playthings for Your Farm

After supplying the farm store, get some sulfuric acid from them. Why? The Lely Sphere, a circular manure-handling system, creates liquid fertilizer by combining it with air from animal sheds. Voilá - you got yourself more fertilizer and are allowed to call your farm a little greener. 

You can make more off of your crops, too: VDW's Cleaner Tiger cleans and cuts sugar beets after separating them from stones, and a washing drum produces all kinds of washed crops, you can then sell at higher prices. With your farm sustainable, and the demands of the market met, there’s still room to grow…

Endgame: Manage a Distribution Center!

This is something to work towards and build: On 4,000 square meters, you manage your own distribution center full of heavy-loading shelves.

Operate a forklift to unload your trucks arriving at its unloading bays, make use of the high-load shelves with room for hundreds of pallets, and start distributing big-style. If that doesn’t feel rewarding, what does? 

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