HORI Farming Vehicle Controls - Pre-Order Now!

September 06, 2023

Steering specialized vehicles and machines is always fun, no matter which controls you choose. But, if you like your virtual farming experience as immersive and fun as possible, you might want to check out the brand-new HORI Farming Vehicle Controls!

High-Quality Farming Controls Coming Soon!

Together with HORI, manufacturer of high-quality gaming peripherals, we present you the next generation of farming controls. Wheel, side panel with control lever & throttle, plus pedals - all included. More info below. You can pre-order and get yours from HORI! 

That's What You Get

  • Full-size (34 cm/13.4 in) steering wheel at 40 degrees with 900° rotation
  • Rubber grip & detachable steering wheel spinner knob 
  • Control panel unit with multifunction twist axis control lever & throttle
  • Realistic & robust turn signal lever
  • Clutch, brake, & acceleration pedals
  • Extremely precise & durable Hall-effect sensors
  • 76 buttons in total for full control
  • Customize sensitivity, dead zone and other settings via app

With the HORI Farming Vehicle Controls for Windows (10/11), you control pretty much all in-game actions without the need of a keyboard or other additional devices. Your gaming setup basically becomes the cabin of a specialized machine. Cool, isn't it? Pre-order now to get your control system when it releases in November! Check out the store page!


Which systems are supported? The HORI Farming Vehicle Controls are compatible with Windows 10 & 11. Consoles are not supported.
Will the components of the system be available separately?

The HORI Farming Vehicle Controls are designed as a bundle, modules are not available separately. 


Can I assign & customize keys in-game? Keys can be assigned via the in-game controls menu.
Is the HORI system compatible with other peripherals? Compatibility with similar peripherals by other brands can't be guaranteed, as the system is not designed with other systems in mind. 
Why can't I pre-order the HORI Farming Vehicle Controls? Depending on the region, the contingent by HORI might be out of stock right now due to popularity. Keep an eye open when it becomes available again. 


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