Dedi App: Give us your feedback and feature requests!

September 09, 2020

Do you know our Dedicated Server App for server admins and players? With the app available on mobile devices (iOS and Android), you can manage your dedicated server for Farming Simulator 19: Connect with your friends, monitor the server status and activities or create and manage events for your community.

Don't know the Dedi App yet?

Let's take a short look on what the app is about: You can use the Dedi App server as an administrator or as a player on a dedicated server. The following features are supported:

  • Overview - have a look on activities on the map and the latest feeds in the chat
  • Map - enables you to localize equipment and active players, the time and money
  • Chat - enables you to communicate with all your friends 
  • Friends - see all the players from the Dedi server using the app
  • Tasks - Admin and players can create tasks for other players
  • Calendar - add events and manage the calendar of the server’s community
  • Active Players - see all the players that are currently online
  • Active Mods - see mods that are installed on the server
  • Resource Monitor - information about server activity and maintenance status
  • Configuration - Overview of game settings. You can change them from the web interface

You can download the Dedi App for free on the Google Play Store and App Store for your respective mobile device. Get more info about the Dedi App as well as an installation manual on our support page.

We want your feedback!

Have you already experienced the functionality of our Dedi App for Farming Simulator already or want to try it out? Send us an E-Mail including your feedback at

What's your opinion on the app? What could be improved? Which features would you like us to add? Among all fans sending us their constructive feedback (until September 27th), we'll give away one download code for the Alpine Farming Expansion coming to PC and consoles on November 12th. 

We're looking forward to your feedback!

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