FarmCon 20 Recap: Alpine Expansion Reveal, future Sound Design and more!

July 20, 2020

Did you watch FarmCon 20 on Sunday? In case you missed the digital version of our community event for fans and modders or just want to see the highlights again, you can now watch them in the videos below. Don't miss out on some exciting news about the Farming Simulator series! 

Get ready for Alpine farming! 

We promised you three more DLCs for Farming Simulator 19 this year. With the Bourgault DLC and the Kverneland & Vicon Equipment Pack already released, it was now time to announce the third one: the Alpine Farming Expansion! Watch the reveal trailer to get a first glimpse of the Alpine farming life in the painting-like scenery of Erlengrat, our new map!

If you want a more extensive introduction to Erlengrat with its vast green fields of grass and curvy roads up to the hills and down to the valley, watch the presentation by our Technical Artist Horia Serban! You'll find it below to get a delicious foretaste (looking at the Chocolatier and the Cheese Factory) of the Alpine atmosphere that surrounds all of the sights of the idyllic town inspired by mountainous regions in Switzerland, Austria and Southern-Germany. 

Learn more about the Alpine Farming Expansion in our announcement. You can preorder the expansion over at our shop!

Future sounds of Farming Simulator

We got a lot of feedback on the Sound Design in Farming Simulator 19. And we made notes. In the future, you can expect a lot of optimizations of the sound and effects in the Farming Simulator series. Based on the feedback of our beloved community, GIANTS Software CTO Stefan Geiger explains the new tools and approaches for the future Sound Design. See and listen for yourself how the sound for the virtual machines is created with all its challenges!

Quality Assurance at GIANTS

Learn more about the testing process at GIANTS Software! With QA Lead Ken Burgess explaining what Quality Assurance for a video game actually means and what's special about testing Farming Simulator games and mods. Right, not only does our hardworking QA team examine every game and expansion down to the last detail, they also check the mods submitted to ModHub.

On the subject of modding...

As usual, modding is a big part of FarmCon. We make no exception this year. Learn more about the topic from the experts at GIANTS Software! Whether you're a beginner and just started to make your own creations or want to learn some pro tips about modding - Ken Burgess, Stefan Maurus and Marius Hofmann from GIANTS Software present the following presentations for beginners and professionals. Just click on the video that suits your level of modding skills or even widen your horizon with more advanced topics on modifications. Most importantly, have fun modding!

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