Important Announcement: FarmCon 20 goes digital

April 30, 2020

FarmCon 20 will take place via public Live Stream: After weeks of uncertainty how the ongoing COVID-19 crisis would develop, GIANTS Software has decided to switch to a streaming format. This way we can ensure the safety of our fans, partners and employees. 

Ticket prices will be refunded shortly

Acquiring tickets for FarmCon 20 is no longer possible. Every ticket sold will soon be refunded. Please note, this may take a while until every payment is processed by the ticketing platform Eventbrite. GIANTS Software does everything to ensure that this process will be carried out as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

Open livestream with lectures, DLC insights and more

FarmCon at DEUTZ-FAHR Arena will be moved to next year. Together with DEUTZ-FAHR we decided to reserve the event location for FarmCon 21. The already planned lectures and presentations will be part of a public live stream instead. 

The program will consist of English live moderation, pre-recorded presentations and more. English subtitles will also be available for our presentations held in German. And, most importantly, viewers get first glimpses at our new DLC planned to expand Farming Simulator 19 later this year. So, don’t miss out!

The FSL finals will not take place at FarmCon 20 as originally intended. A revised schedule for the current season will be announced shortly. Stay tuned and get more information about the Farming Simulator League on 

FarmCon schedule and more info coming soon

The FarmCon 20 Live Stream will take place on Sunday, July 19th. The exact schedule will be announced as soon as possible. We’re targeting the afternoon Central European Time. This way, we want to ensure that as many international fans as possible can experience FarmCon 20 in their respective time zones at convenient times of day. Please stay tuned!

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