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30. May 2023

With the warm-weather months upon us, farmers are usually knee-deep in hay and forage production. If you haven't started to mow your virtual grasslands, it's about time!

Fitting the sunny time of the year, when the grass is the greenest, the Hay & Forage Pack is coming very soon to Farming Simulator 22. When? June 13th for PC and consoles!

17 Machines, 7 Brands, 3 Newcomers!

Time for a bigger garage on your property: 17 brand-new specialized vehicles and tools are included in the Hay & Forage Pack. 

And with those, we welcome three more manufacturers with their brands to the world of Farming Simulator: German mowing specialist Brielmaier and the two Austrian manufacturers REFORM and Reiter join the game.

Overall, seven brands are represented in the pack, as KRONE, PÖTTINGER, Rigitrac, and Sepp Knüsel also extend the fleet of machinery. See the complete list of machines below!

Slope Compensation, Side Shift & More

Each machine, real and virtual, is designed to make your farming-life easier and more fun when operating on vast grasslands or difficult green areas embedded in hilly landscapes. Some of them come with exciting functionality, too!

Enjoy specialized tractors like the REFORM MOUNTY 110V or Rigitrac SKH 60 with its slope-compensating cabin, loading wagons like the modular REFORM PrimAlpin or the PÖTTINGER JUMBO 8450 DB, and mowers like the KRONE Easy Cut F 320 Highland with side shift functionality.

On top of that, windrowers shine with ideal ground adjustment on difficult terrain - thanks to the unique design of the Reiter RESPIRO mergers. As you can see, between mowing and unloading at selling-points, the new pack covers all important steps of hay and forage production. 

Hay & Forage Pack - Machines Included 

  • Brielmaier - Motor Mower S250
  • KRONE - EasyCut F 320 Highland
  • KRONE - Swadro S 350 Highland
  • KRONE - Vendro 820 Highland
  • PÖTTINGER - TOP 1403 C
  • REFORM - Metrac
  • REFORM - PrimAlpin
  • REFORM - Tipper Unit
  • Reiter - R3 compact 700
  • Reiter - R7 rd
  • Reiter - R9 profi
  • Rigitrac - SKH 60
  • Sepp Knüsel - Tornado
  • Sepp Knüsel - Tornado Plus

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