We're at PAX East!

We're at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts, from March 21st to 24th! Since PAX East is all about the celebration of gaming and gaming culture, we've got to be there, of course. You know, we love celebrating Farming Simulator. Especially with our loving community. 

Speaking of celebrating Farming Simulator - did you get your FarmCon ticket (more info here) for later this year? You should, as you can expect very cool things over at the Fendt Forum. Anyway, back to PAX!

Meet us & Some of Your Favorite Content Creators!

At PAX East, you can have a quick chat with us and our Community Coordinator Kermit who will be present and available to meet you. Oh, we bring goodies, by the way. If you're quick, you might also get one of our fashionable Rosy pins (while stocks last)!

It's not just us from GIANTS Software, though. You can meet our dear friends DjGoHam, Farmer Cop, Klutch Simulations, Farmer Klein and others, too. You'll probably hear from your favorite content creators on their social channels if they're planning to attend.

Let's Chat & Play Some Farming Simulator

We don't go anywhere without bringing our gaming stations. So, come on by, visit our booth to have a chat with us, and casually play some Farming Simulator. 

In case you haven't gotten your hands on the Farming Simulator 22: Premium Edition - this is your chance to play around with all the content that's included in this hefty package of a game.

Stay tuned!

We're already looking forward to meeting everyone! Stay tuned and follow us on social media, where we'll share more details closer to the event! We're on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

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