Out Now! The Official Farming Simulator Magazine

19. April 2023

Beyond the shelves of local game retailers, Farming Simulator is now also available at kiosks! The official Farming Simulator Magazine is here, goodie included.

Depending on the region, you can buy the 52-page print product at a newsstand. But it's definitely available to download on our eShop, if you can't find it on good ol' paper in your area. 

A Family-Friendly Read For Fans

With 52 pages in total, we report information on new releases such as the recently announced Farming Simulator 23, provide tips and tricks for Farming Simulator 22, and most importantly, curate collections of the best user-generated and developer-tested mods available for download.

"With the magazine, we're offering our fans a great opportunity to share their passion for Farming Simulator with us in a completely new way."

Christan Ammann, CEO of GIANTS Software

You learn more about Farming Simulator influencers as well as GIANTS Software employees in personal interviews, and find out about immersion-boosting game peripherals in tech reviews. Event reports from our international appearances and the Farming Simulator League are also part of the magazine.

Available In 6 Languages, Goodie Included

The magazine launches in six languages and in twelve countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands. The second issue will be released later this year in summer.

Each issue includes a special goodie - included in issue one: a download code for the classic Porsche Diesel Junior 108 tractor for Farming Simulator 22. 


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