Platinum Preview: Collectibles & Points of Interest in Silverrun Forest

10. November 2022

Your journey to and within Silverrun Forest is about to begin. With the Platinum Expansion and Platinum Edition releasing in a few days' time, on November 15th, there will be a lot of new content to explore - just like the new map itself with its points of interest. Let's check out some of them!

If you missed our previous news about new gameplay features and machines, you find all the previews in the list below.

Welcome to the Woods of Silverrun Forest!

Silverrun Forest consists of vast forests on hilly and sometimes challenging terrain - making it the most atmospheric and lush environment we did so far. Not only is Silverrun Forest populated by more than 20,000 trees - countless streams wind themselves through the forest and over ridges of the mountainous landscape.

Small ponds and lakes right in the middle of dense forests create serene spots to relax and to explore. It's especially atmospheric since our environment artists upgraded the seasonal visuals of Silverrun Forest, with the colors of grass and bushes changing more authentically than before.

Even in the village, the four seasons will be more present: With autumn leaves waving through the streets and tiny puddles appearing on the roads on rainy days. 

There's a lot more to explore, namely the new collectibles we've hidden in the forests. Before we get to that, let's stay in town and take a look at what we find here on the business side of things. 

Production Sites In Silverrun Forest

New selling points and production sites revolve mostly around harvested resources from the woods. We already took a deeper look into new production chains and construction projects - especially the rollercoaster and the boatyard. But, let's take a peek at some other businesses and points of interest in Silverrun Forest.

The iron ore mine will automatically produce iron, you can load up and process into metal. 

At the pet accessories factory, you can produce new types of products to sell.

There are two saw mills. This one is especially fun as you unload logs into the water, which are then pulled in and processed. 

Selling Points In Silverrun Forest

Of course, there are the usual places to go. Like the gas station, the dealership, or the train station. One of the most important selling points in Silverrun Forest is the market. You can sell almost anything here.

You like waffles? If you're also into producing goods like bread, butter or sugar, the local waffle hut will be excited when you visit. 

The debris crusher is the place to go after you got rid of all those rocks in the woods with the Paladin SFB750, a hydraulic breaker. 

Since forestry is the focus of the Platinum Expansion, there are multiple selling points to make money of all those harvested logs. Like the container warehouse - the perfect opportunity to use the new shipping containers.

Collectibles & Other Places To Visit

Exploring Silverrun Forest is not just about finding the perfect place for logging (friendly reminder that you better also do some reforesting instead of just taking everything!) and creating space for new businesses. If you keep your eyes open, there is a lot to find. Like our new collectibles that will be displayed in the local museum after you found them.

To collect all 20 wooden figurines we've hidden in Silverrun Forest, you will have to look closely while you wander through the woods. 

How many can you find?

The Platinum Expansion and Platinum Edition (base game + expansion) release on November 15th for PC, Mac, PlayStation®5 (PS5™), Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

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