Seasons-Mod now available on PS4 and Xbox One - all you need to know!

17. December 2019

Farming under real conditions: Constantly changing weather conditions, unpredictable plant growth and obstructive masses of snow on your fields. Those and many more aspects of the four seasons force you to plan ahead for the whole year while adapting to the constant changing weather on a daily basis. Already available for PC and Mac, Seasons 19 from the talented team of Realismus Modding in cooperation with GIANTS, is now available in the ModHub for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Just add the mod in the menu - it just takes a few button clicks and you’re ready for a more challenging and varied farming experience emphasizing on realism.

  • More elaborate weather system
  • Revamped visuals and audio
  • Improved growth system
  • Rebalanced economy
  • New animal system with different breeds
  • New repair system
  • Rotation planner for crops
  • Detailed weather forecast
  • ...and more!

What to expect from Seasons 19

Every one of the seasons, subdivided in three visually diverse phases, is completely different. Thanks to the daily randomized weather no year on your farm will be like the last. You’ll start on the first day of spring, so the hard work is only about to begin with planting season. Meaning you have to start with ploughing, cultivating and seeding your fields. In summer and autumn you begin to harvest but also have to spray and fertilize your fields and prepare for the winter. As soon as the snow covers your farm and your fields, it’s time to maintain your vehicles and machines while focusing on forestry instead of harvesting crops. And of course you tend to your animals. Let’s hope you stored enough hay bales and silage from previous seasons!

The profitability of your financial year depends heavily on the weather and the new plant growth system. Now you don’t just focus on getting rid of  weeds: Whether your crops will germinate depends on the germination temperature of crops as well as the current soil temperature. Your crops will only germinate at the right temperature. Be wary of droughts and freezing temperatures, as these conditions can cause your crops to fail to germinate or may even destroy your crops. All the more important is preventative crop protection as well as crop rotation to increase soil fertility. And don’t forget to monitor the daily weather forecast! But let’s take a look:

Important information for Seasons 19 on consoles

  • It’s best to start a new game! Activation of the Seasons mod in existing save games can produce errors and may cause the loss of your progress. If you want to activate the mod on your current save game nevertheless, please backup your save. 
  • You can deactivate Seasons 19 any time unless there’s snow on the ground. All snow has to be gone before deactivation or it will stay around. Please note further that the current phase will continue after deactivation until it’s complete. Only after completing the current phase the game will switch back to normal.

Get all information about Seasons 19 and the changes and optimizations to the game over at Are you looking for more Farming Simulator 19 mods? Then head over to our ModHub!

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