Farming Simulator Academy: Tutorial Overview

18. November 2021

Welcome to the Farming Simulator Academy! Learn how to play Farming Simulator 22 with our tutorial series, providing the most important information about the game mechanics.

Designed for absolute beginners with little to no knowledge of farming and simulated farming, we start with the basics, provide you with helpful tips, and help you to set up your game, so you can easily get started. Of course, Farming Simulator offers a lot to learn and discover - have fun with it, and you'll be a top-notch virtual farmer in no time!

Note: Tutorials are optimized for the latest version of the game (Farming Simulator 22) - but, a lot of tutorials work on other installments of the series, too!

Game Basics

Ground Working 101 - Learn About Fields!

Crops 101 - How To Sow & Harvest Crops!

Animals 101 - How To Treat Your Animals!

Animals 102 - Silage & Total Mixed Ration 

Forestry 101 - How To Plant & Harvest Trees!

Machinery 101 - How To Use Machines & Tools!

More Tutorials Coming Soon!

  • We're working on it (alongside many other things!)

Need More Help?

Do you need help on a specific, more in-depth problem? Is your question not answered here? Try visiting our Discord server and official forums - full of seasoned farmers who gladly share their detailed knowledge! 

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