Farm Production Pack Available Now!

30. April 2024

Make your farming operation smoother and more sustainable! The Farm Production Pack by Design, Modeling & Innovation (DMI - formerly known as Dutch Modding Incorporated) & GIANTS Software, is now available for PC and consoles! 

For Growing Businesses & Big Operations

Get over 20 new machines, buildings, and selling points in the Farm Production Pack! Whether you're starting small or growing a thriving empire, this pack offers content for every stage of your agricultural operation.

Begin with newer, more affordable wind turbines or invest in solar panels, complete with a robot for remote cleaning. Generate passive income and use it to build customizable sheds for storing equipment and materials.

As your farm expands, new selling points with dynamic prices and daily demands, including vending machines, market stalls, a supermarket, and a farm store, add a new layer of depth to the gameplay. Fast deliveries to these locations are rewarded with bonuses.

New Playthings - including a Distribution Center!

Among the new machines for your farm: the Lely Sphere! Utilize it to create liquid fertilizer from manure and air from animal sheds, making your farm more eco-friendly. Boost crop yields with VDW's Cleaner Tiger, which cleans and cuts sugar beets, and a washing drum that produces washed crops for higher prices.

With a sustainable farm and market demands met, set your sights on managing a distribution center. Covering 4,000 square meters, this endgame feature allows you to operate forklifts, manage high-load shelves, and distribute goods on a large scale. What could be more rewarding in the end, huh?

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