We're Back, Talking to Vermeer - Farming Simulator Podcast #25

23. September 2022

Summer's almost over and we're back with the official Farming Simulator Podcast. Once a month, we polish our shiny microphones and sit down to talk about interesting, entertaining and important news and developments from the Farming Simulator Universe.

Most exciting, we'll invite even more guests! Like Caitlin DeVries, you'll get to know in this episode. 

This Episode's Guest: Vermeer's Caitlin DeVries 

We invited Caitlin from the Vermeer Corporation to talk about the debut of the acclaimed agricultural brand in Farming Simulator 22. Being a Digital Marketing Specialist and UX Designer at Vermeer, overseeing marketing activities for the cooperation with GIANTS Software, Caitlin is most familiar with the game. And, she's a gamer, too!

Let's hear what she has to say about Vermeer coming to Farming Simulator and learn more about the history of Vermeer - we only scratched the surface in our narrated Launch Trailer for the Vermeer Pack! You can watch it below, too if you missed it. 

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