GRIMME Equipment Pack now available!

26. January 2021

Your potato-specialized fleet of machines just got extended: Made by Peppe978-Team FSI Modding, the official GRIMME Equipment Pack is now available for Farming Simulator 19. In cooperation with GIANTS Software and GRIMME, the international manufacturer from Germany, 14 new machines are introduced. See the trailer and a set of new screenshots below!

14 new machines for potato farming

13 authentic and highly detailed machines by GRIMME are included in the Equipment Pack Additionally, the Lizard Conveyor Belt brings the total number of machines up to 14, intended for small and medium-sized farms with a lot of variety.

While you fight weeds with 8-rows of mechanical power of the GRIMME GH-8, you plant potatoes with the GRIMME GL 32 F and harvest them with the GRIMME WH 200 S row planter. And that means, windrowing potato swaths directly on the field is now also possible.

List of machines in the GRIMME Equipment Pack

  • GRIMME GH 2 - Weeder
  • GRIMME GH 4 - Weeder
  • GRIMME GH 8 - Weeder
  • GRIMME GL 32 E - Potato Planter
  • GRIMME GL 32 F - Potato Planter
  • GRIMME WH 200 Eco - Potato Harvester
  • GRIMME WH 200 S - Potato Harvester
  • GRIMME WR 200 CDW - Potato Harvester
  • GRIMME SE 85-55 - Potato Harvester
  • GRIMME GBF- Transport Belt
  • GRIMME PS 511 - Transport Belt
  • GRIMME MultiTrailer 190 - Trailer
  • GRIMME MultiTrailer 350 - Trailer
  • Lizard Conveyor Belt - Receiving Hopper

Support Team FSI Modding!

With the GRIMME Equipment Pack, Team FSI Modding led by Peppe978 won the Mod Contest Special Award - getting the opportunity to create a commercial DLC. After thorough and committed development, the results are now available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia for only €4,99. Owners of the Season Pass receive the pack without further cost. Purchasing the Equipment Pack will directly support the creators.

"I am very happy to have had this opportunity to collaborate with GIANTS Software and I thank the GIANTS staff for the help received and for making this DLC available to everyone. Have fun farmers!", says FSI Moddings Peppe978 regarding the release. 


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