Farming Simulator 20: Free Update #5 now available!

18. March 2021

More Cotton, more John Deere! The fifth free content update for Farming Simulator 20 is now available to download on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. Two new additions are included from John Deere and McCormick Industries. See the additions and the trailer below!

Please note: The update is still being rolled out on iOS and should appear soon.

New content & features in Content Update #5

  • John Deere CP690 (Cotton Picker)
  • McCormick Industries Cotton Tag Trailer (Cotton Bale Trailer)

Small bug fixes and optimizations are also included in the free update. So, update Farming Simulator 20 and enjoy the new additions! Get the game for Nintendo Switch at retail or download from the Nintendo eShop! The iOS and Android version of the game is available at their respective stores.



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