Influencer Spotlight: Marlonn (En3rgie5)

9. February 2024

With over 8,500 hours spent playing Farming Simulator games, Marlonn aka "En3rgie5" is definitely one of our most dedicated content creators. Of course, when you add in the hours of editing and creating the entertaining content itself, four figures are not enough. We spoke with Marlonn about his passion for virtual farming.

Give us a quick introduction to yourself.

Hello, my name is Marlonn, also known as En3rgie5 on social media, I am a French content creator for Farming Simulator since 2014.

Can we start by asking why you decided to work with Farming Simulator?

Farming Simulator 22 is clearly the ultimate creative tool for farming enthusiasts like me. You can create your own story by starting with nothing and building your farm, buying new tractors, new cars, new tools, literally everything. The great thing about Farming Simulator is that everyday we have new mods to upgrade our farms thanks to the game's big and creative modding community, so the possibilities are infinite!

What does Farming Simulator mean to you?

Farming Simulator is clearly the game I played the most in my entire life. I have more than 8,500 hours on all the Farming Simulator games on Steam. It is clearly by far the ultimate simulation of farming.

Creating content takes time that's not entirely recorded by Steam.

How much does the community influence what you create?

The community has a BIG influence on all my YouTube videos, because I constantly poll or ask them in my Let's Plays in order to know things like "What tractor should I buy?" or 'What is the next animal we need to acquire?" So the Let's Plays are not just my adventure but the adventure of a whole community and I love that!

What's your favorite moment from the game?

There are so many great moments, it is hard to choose. I think it was when I first put my hands on Farming Simulator 22 at GIANTS’ Erlangen studio. It was so nice to see what they have been working on for three years and to discover the new features together with all the good people of GIANTS.

Do you have a favorite piece of equipment?

My favorite piece of equipment in the game is a mod: the New Holland TG from 2006. I love this big beasts’ old school design.

What tip would you give a new player? 

I think new players should use rental more than buying everything new at the beginning. This way they can experiment a lot more and discover all the possibilities of the game much earlier.

What changes would you like to see in future updates of the game?

A feature that I am really waiting for is a possibility to let players interact with vehicles while on foot. This way we would be able to open doors, hoods, windows and other parts. It would really increase the roleplay side of the game. 

This interview was first published in the official Farming Simulator Magazine.

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