FSL: 5th Tournament streams live this weekend!

16. April 2021

Let's get competitive again: The Farming Simulator League continues with Season 3 and its fifth tournament. While the qualifiers will take place on Saturday as usual, the eight finalists of the tournament will compete on Sunday, April 18th.

The respective live broadcasts will start at 10:00 CET am on our official GIANTS Software Twitch channels.

Do you want to know which teams are participating? Find further information over on fsl.giants-software.com! The qualifiers will be broadcasted on Saturday in a so-called clean feed: Everybody can use this broadcast for his own cast and comment live.

Did you miss the last tournament? See the 'Best of' below!

Try the Tournament Mode - it's a Free DLC!

Did you know? The Tournament Client is free to download for every Farming Simulator fan and esports enthusiast. Based on Farming Simulator 19, the game mode requires teamwork to expertly harvest wheat, produce bales and quickly deliver them to the teams' barn. A training mode for newcomers is included. It's easy to get into - try it!

Just register on fsl.giants-software.com to get your download key

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