AGI - Fact Sheet Collection

20. May 2022

There's a new brand coming to Farming Simulator 22! AGI is about to be introduced to the series with a set of high-quality equipment and facilities. It will be free, and it is coming soon. 

With a growing set of Fact Sheets, we'll show you what to expect. We kick it off with a selection of equipment you can see below and continue with more next Friday. So, stay tuned!

About AGI

AGI is a globally leading manufacturer of portable and stationary grain handling, storage and conditioning equipment. Engineering unique, market-specific systems, they maintain an international network to supply the world's food infrastructure with more than 35 different brands - some of them coming to Farming Simulator 22, soon. 

Fact Sheet Collection

Friday, May 20th

Friday, May 13th

Friday, May 6th

Fact Sheets are posted on our social media channels, and we collect them right here in this article to provide you with an overview in case you missed them on DiscordFacebookTwitter, or Instagram. Subscribe to our channels and don't miss the announcements of new brands and machines coming to Farming Simulator 22!

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