The DLC proposal – Next steps

29. August 2017

Earlier this year, we’ve held our Mod Contest 2017. The winners of the mod contest got the chance to propose a commercial DLC and eight of them took the chance and created a proposal. We at GIANTS Software had a discussion about them and asked for your opinion as well (see the diagram below for details). This way, we picked three proposals and invited the creators to our Swiss office, where they had the chance to present their ideas and talk to our dev team about their proposals.

Mattxjs (Modern Classics Farming Pack) and Team FSI Modding (Grimme Pack) joined us in Switzerland, however Smety (Fendt Expansion) politely declined, leaving us with two possible DLC’s.

We’ve listened to both and now you can as well (You will find their presentation videos below). We decided that both ideas would be a great fit for our game. Therefore, we declare both of them as winners and we will create both DLC’s in collaboration with the modders.

We will keep you updated on the progress and let you know once we have something to share.

You can download the proposals here. Please note that this document is not final and may be subject to change.

Mattxjs proposal
FSI proposal

Mattxjs Presentation:

FSI Modding Presentation:

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