Platinum Expansion & Platinum Edition now available!

15. November 2022

If you didn't sleep through chemistry in school, you know that Platinum is a dense and precious element. Just as dense as the woods of Silverrun Forest with its precious Sequoia trees and probably the most beautiful landscape we ever created for Farming Simulator.

As of today, the shiny Platinum Expansion and Platinum Edition (base game + expansion) are available for PC and consoles! Sure, there is a launch-trailer, too!

Platinum: This Is What You Get!

  • Platinum Edition contains base game + Platinum Expansion
  • Platinum Expansion contains 40+ new vehicles, tools & items
  • Features Volvo, IMPEX, John Deere, Koller, Komatsu, Pfanzelt, Schwarzmüller & more
  • New gameplay features include yarders, winches, tree marking & more
  • New map: Silverrun Forest - with construction projects & new production chains
  • Expansion is included in the Year 1 Season Pass

If you missed our previews of the new Platinum features, don't worry: You can easily catch up and check out the new tree marking system, the hydraulic breaking of rocks, all those new machines to transport logs - especially yarders and winches - as well as improvements to planting and felling trees, and a look at the collectibles and points of interest in Silverrun Forest!

There's a lot to discover, and we highlighted the new additions and improvements on the blog over the course of the past few weeks. Don't forget to check out the Fact Sheet Collection, too, if you want to know more about the machines included in the Platinum Expansion!

All Expansion Machines & Items


  • Silverrun Forest


  • Volvo BM 2654
  • Volvo BM LM 841
  • BM-Volvo DR 631
  • Volvo BM SM 462
  • Volvo EC250DL
  • Volvo EC380DL
  • Volvo L120H
  • Volvo L180H
  • Volvo L200H High Lift
  • Volvo F16 
  • Volvo FH16 
  • Volvo VNX 300
  • Komatsu 911.5 X3M (2011)
  • Komatsu 951
  • IMPEX Hannibal T50
  • John Deere 843L-II
  • John Deere 848L-II
  • Kotschenreuther K 300R 
  • Manitou M50-4
  • Pfanzelt PM Trac 
  • Pfanzelt Felix


  • Tajfun EGV 65 AHK SG
  • Pfanzelt DW P 186
  • Pfanzelt P13 4272
  • Koller K-300-T
  • Koller K 307c-H
  • Schwarzmüller Timber Trailer Semi 
  • Schwarzmüller Timber Trailer
  • Schwarzmüller Low Loader 4A
  • Schwarzmüller Low Loader 3A
  • Risutec SKB-240
  • Koller P60
  • Westtech Woodcracker G1650
  • Westtech Woodcracker C550
  • TMC Cancela THX-180
  • Volvo Universal Bucket (LM 841)
  • Volvo Rock Bucket - Spade Nose (LM 841)
  • Volvo Pallet Fork (LM 841)
  • Volvo General Purpose Bucket - Heavy Duty
  • Volvo Rock Bucket - Spade Nose
  • Volvo High Tip Bucket
  • Volvo Pallet Fork
  • Volvo Big Bag Lifter
  • Volvo General Purpose Bucket - Heavy Duty (L180H)
  • Volvo Rock Bucket - Spade Nose (L180H)
  • Volvo High Tip Bucket (L180H)
  • Volvo Pallet Fork (L180H)
  • Volvo Big Bag Lifter (L180H)
  • Volvo Unloading Grapple (L180H)
  • Paladin SFB 750


  • STIHL marking spray: blue
  • STIHL marking spray: green
  • STIHL marking spray: orange
  • STIHL marking spray: red
  • STIHL marking spray: pink
  • STIHL marking spray: yellow
  • STIHL marking spray: white
  • Lizard Shipping Container
  • Hörmann Bulk Hall
  • Hörmann Shelter With Photovoltaics
  • Hörmann Production Building With Photovoltaics
  • Tree Sapling Pallet


  • Log Cabin Farm House (5 variations)
  • Damaged Bus
  • Barrel Factory
  • Furniture Factory
  • Flooring Factory
  • Iron Furnace
  • Paper Factory
  • Pet Accessories Factory
  • Art Accessories Factory
  • Shingle Factory
  • Wood Turner
  • Silverrun Market

Platinum Edition Also Available Now! 

If you don't own Farming Simulator 22 yet, the Platinum Edition is the perfect choice for you. If you already own the base game, the Platinum Expansion is available on its own and extends the game with all those cool featured mentioned above.

Get The Season Pass!

If you want to extend your copy of the game with loads of new content, check out the Season PassEspecially, since you save money compared to buying the packs and the Platinum expansion separately. 

New to the game?

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