Farming Simulator 22 in a Nutshell

22. May 2024

Farming Simulator 22 accompanied us over 30 months by now, and there are a lot of milestones and content to look at. How about we do that by taking a look at our small recap trailer?

Three Years of Content

Two hands full of free major content updates including Precision Farming, competitive multiplayer modes and more were released in addition to multiple packs and two large expansions.

Since the initial release, we also celebrate 6,000 mods created by you, our dedicated community. You also downloaded mods by your fellow creators more than 1.6 Billion times - wow! 

Need to catch up?

In case you need to catch up on content or don't own Farming Simulator 22 at all, you might want to look at the Premium Edition, by the way!

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