New Map, Machines & Crops: Year 2 Season Pass Now Available!

6. December 2022

The first year of Farming Simulator 22 has seen several content updates, packs and a major expansion. Since November we added more than 100 new machines and tools, and, with the Platinum Expansion and Edition, a new map with new challenges as you can see in our Year One Overview video.

Now we are preparing the field for the second year of Farming Simulator 22: New crops will sprout from the soil of a new environment, while new brand partners introduce a series of exciting machines.

You can get the Year 2 Season Pass now - and save you a hefty sum of money compared to buying each pack separately. You also get a bonus machine right now. Find the release schedule and more information below! 

Release Schedule For Year 2

While the road map is already laid out, we're not yet ready to announce the exact contents of the season pass. There are dedicated announcements to prepare with our partners, and we'd like to sit down and bring you the news. Together.

Don't worry - you don't have to wait that long for the announcement of the first new pack - as it's currently scheduled for early 2023.

This Is What You Get!

  • Pack 1: Early 2023
  • Pack 2: Mid-2023
  • Pack 3: Mid-2023
  • Pack 4: Late 2023
  • Expansion: Late 2023
  • Instant Bonus: BM-Volvo LM 845

The Year 2 Season Pass grants you access to four official packs and one expansion by GIANTS Software. This means, compared to the Year 1 Season Pass, you get one additional pack on top for the same price.

There's more: every buyer of the new season pass also gets the BM-Volvo LM 845 - the first articulated loader produced by Volvo. And, you don't have to wait. You can operate it instantly after the purchase of the pass. 

Save up to 30% With The Year 2 Season Pass!

So, we got one more pack and a bonus machine. If that does not convince you, we offer you a hefty price advantage: You save up to 30% when purchasing the Year 2 Season Pass compared to buying all the packs and the expansion separately. You basically receive one pack for free. 

Season Pass FAQ

Q: Does the new season pass include the content of year one?

Answer: No, the Year 2 Season Pass does not include the packs and expansion of the Year 1 Season Pass. You can still purchase the Year 1 Season Pass to get the Antonio Carraro Pack, the Kubota Pack, the Vermeer Pack and the Platinum Expansion plus some bonus content.

Q: What does the Year 2 Season Pass include?

Answer: The Year 2 Season Pass, as stated in the announcement above, includes four packs, one expansion and one bonus machine, the BM-Volvo LM 845.

Q: Shouldn't a Season Pass include everything for eternity and beyond?

Answer: The season pass includes the official content of one season. As per announcement, the Year 2 Season Pass includes four packs and one expansion developed by GIANTS Software.

Q: When will the bonus machine (BM-Volvo LM 845) be available?

Answer: Right now. When you purchase the Year 2 Season Pass, the BM-Volvo LM 845 becomes instantly available to you in Farming Simulator 22 after activation.

Q: When can I play the upcoming packs and expansion?

Answer: We will announce the packs/expansion and release dates in the future, when we and our partners are ready. Each pack will be available on their respective release date.

Q: Should I buy the Year 2 Season Pass?

Answer: If you like to expand your copy of Farming Simulator 22 with new content and like to save money, you should think definitely about purchasing the Year 2 Season Pass. 

Q: Shouldn't all that be part of the base game and be free of charge?

Answer: By purchasing new content, you support GIANTS Software directly. That way, we guarantee further development of the Farming Simulator series that our dedicated team is constantly working on. We're always looking to additionally provide free content where we can - in the form of free content updates or free packs, for example, as we did in the past. Thank you for supporting us and the development of Farming Simulator 22!

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