Inside Audio: Sound Design & Audio Pipelines

28. July 2022

As you know, Farming Simulator 22 received a major audio boost with dynamic sound for engines and exhausts, a brand-new attachment audio system and more. That's some real farming-ASMR going on in your ears when you till your fields. 

Since many of you are very much interested in the sound design of Farming Simulator, our Audio Designers Kris and Nils from GIANTS Software held an informative presentation at this year's FarmCon. If you like your farming sounds, don't miss out on it - we have a recording below!

The Audio Pipeline for Vehicle Implementation

Kris and Nils show and explain the audio pipeline of vehicle implementation in Farming Simulator. Learn, how real-life machines are recorded and then brought to life in the game!

Want to Know More About Sound Design?

Moving bolts, clashing metal, roaring engines - the soundscape is vital to the overall experience of virtual farming. Vehicle sounds in Farming Simulator 22 transform in real-time to the in-game environment, making the machines sound more realistic. 

Check our blog article where we announced and presented the all-new dynamic sound and attachment system for Farming Simulator 22! 

If you want to know even more about the sound design in Farming Simulator, let us know! We're on DiscordFacebook, TwitterInstagram, YouTube and TikTok.

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