Events, Events, Events, and a QA - Farming Simulator Podcast #19

3. June 2022

It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question. That's why we started another live Q&A! But Kermit, Chaki and Lars also talked about the next FarmCon, TwitchCon and Kermit's upcoming adventure. Grab some popcorn and dig into this episode! 

What we talk about in episode 19

  • Latest News: Farmcon, Twitchcon and Kermits adventures
  • Live Q&A: We answered a lot of your questions live from Twitch chat

That's our Podcast!

The official Farming Simulator Podcast is also on SpotifyApple Music and Google Podcast. Check it out and subscribe, so you don't miss a single episode! We plan to release a new episode every two weeks on Friday (that's the plan, at least). Every other podcast will be recorded live on Twitch, so we can answer fan questions. 

We discuss exciting themes and topics around the fabulous world of Farming Simulator. Community Manager Lars aka "Lisertan", and  both Community Coordinators Chris aka "Chaki" & Kermit aka "Kerminator" talk about the most important news.

That's not all, of course! Think about the podcast as a way to get deeper into the latest topics and hear more about them right from the source. Also, we answer a lot of your questions in our Q&A segment. 

Give us your feedback, please!

The main reason why we introduce the Farming Simulator Podcast, is to get one more step closer to you, our community. We always keep our eyes open in all places to look out what's going on. We're on DiscordFacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and TikTok

With the podcast, feel free to shoot your questions directly for the purpose of getting answered into a polished and shiny microphone! Feedback and questions can be mailed directly to

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