Patch 1.8.2 now available to download

14. November 2022

Please Note! The patch is currently being rolled out across platforms. It can take a couple of hours until the update becomes available on your system. Crossplay services may be affected in the meantime.

We're just hours away from our destination, Silverrun Forest. The Platinum Expansion & Edition are releasing at Midnight in your local timezone on November 15th! While we prepared the game for the new content with the previous patch, we already got some more optimizations with 1.8.2 - download it now!

Find the changelog below! Also, mind the fact that stutters can occur after installing every new patch due to shaders being recompiled. It's a problem that solves itself - just continue playing!

Changelog for Patch 1.8.2

Please Note! As with all major updates to Farming Simulator, you may experience stuttering on the first game launch after updating. Especially when using mods or custom graphics settings due to shaders being recompiled.

Bugfixes & Changes

  • Wood harvester cut length is now saved in multiplayer if the client reconnects
  • Fixed multiple issues with moving parts not correctly synced to the clients
  • Fixed wood harvester cutting if the client reconnects while a tree is in the cutting header
  • Automatic tree cutting setting is now correctly synchronized in multiplayer
  • Fixed issues with wrong prices while buying used vehicles
  • Fixed wrong HP display for MF IDEAL

Known Issues

  • Force Feedback for the Logitech G920 is currently having issues across several games on  Xbox, hence the wheel might not be functioning properly. This is not a bug in the game, but needs to be resolved by responsible parties across all affected games. 

Get The Season Pass!

If you want to extend your copy of the game with loads of new content, check out the Season PassEspecially, since you save money compared to buying the packs and the upcoming Platinum expansion separately. 

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