FSL Season 3 World Champtionship - tune in this Sunday!

3. December 2021

It’s the end of the road for the third season of the Farming Simulator League: The Season 2 World Championship takes place this Sunday, December 5th, and sees the finalists compete for no less than 100.000 Euros!

Tune in and watch it live on the official GIANTS Software Twitch channel, Youtube channel, or Facebook! It starts at 10 am CET.

Watch the climax of the season!

Coming Sunday, the World Championship will account for the largest chunk of the overall season prize pool, worth a quarter million. The top eight teams compete with each other for a six-figure in the following pairings:

  • Trelleborg vs. mYinsanity
  • Corteva Agriscience vs. Valtra
  • Hörmann vs. Bednar
  • LSA E-Sports vs. Krone

Two of the many reasons for the exciting final, besides new machines, map improvements, power-ups and a multitude of new strategic possibilities, are agricultural brand teams Valtra and Corteva Agriscience. Both teams, newcomers to the league, are currently tailgating the defending champion with the most circuit points: Trelleborg.

More info at fsl.giants-software.com. See you this weekend! 

Try the Tournament Mode - it's a Free DLC!

Want to try competitive farming, too? The Tournament Client is free to download for every Farming Simulator fan and esports enthusiast. Based on Farming Simulator 19, the game mode requires teamwork to expertly harvest wheat, produce bales and quickly deliver them to the teams' barn. A training mode for newcomers is included. It's easy to get into - try it!

Just register on fsl.giants-software.com to get your download key

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