Volvo - A Journey Through Time

1. December 2022

From rugged old-timers to modern efficiency, Volvo Group is one of the most prolific manufacturers of trucks and construction equipment. Several of the most notable milestones of Volvo’s classic and modern vehicles are now part of Farming Simulator 22 Platinum Expansion & Edition. 

The latest trailer goes on a journey through time, showing off some of Volvo’s unique and powerful machines.

Platinum Expansion Adds Volvo Vehicles

The latest Platinum Expansion adds several Volvo machines like the first-of-its-kind articulated BM-Volvo DR 631 hauler, nicknamed “Gravel Charlie” from the 1960s, the classic Volvo BM 2654 tractor introduced in 1979, the widely known FH16 truck and its latest iteration, the Volvo VNX 300.

The cinematic journey concludes with images of the EC250DL and EC380DL excavators, and Volvo’s innovative L200H High Lift, which are among the most powerful and efficient machines today.

All Volvo Machines In The Platinum Expansion

  • BM-Volvo DR 631 articulated loader
  • Volvo BM 2654 tractor
  • Volvo BM LM 841 wheel loader
  • Volvo BM SM 462 forwarder
  • Volvo EC250DL excavator
  • Volvo EC380DL excavator
  • Volvo L120H wheel loader
  • Volvo L180H wheel loader
  • Volvo L200H High Lift wheel loader
  • Volvo F16 truck
  • Volvo FH16 truck
  • Volvo VNX 300 truck

All these machines are now part of the Farming Simulator 22 universe.

Talking Facts - A Chat About Swedish Ingenuity

If you want to learn more about the all-new brand partnership with Volvo, listen to episode 26 of our official Farming Simulator Podcast. We interviewed Arvid Rinaldo from Volvo Construction Equipment.

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