Learn more about the Farming Simulator series in our Farmcon Media Vault!

6. April 2020

You want to learn more about the technical background of the Farming Simulator series? Good, we have some informative videos for you then. The FarmCon 19 Media Vault will teach you more about the making of Farming Simulator 19 as well as many other topics.

The following videos are now available to all:

  • Presentation: Map Design in FS19 (36 minutes)
  • Workshop: Serious Games at GIANTS (21 minutes)
  • Modder Panel: Realism vs. Fun (43 minutes)
  • Guest Presentation: CLAAS (49 minutes)
  • Guest Presentation: Swiss Future Farm (26 minutes)
  • Guest Presentation: Agricultural Drones (29 minutes)
  • Presentation: Introducing the new Script Debugger (37 minutes)

Over 4 hours of Farming Simulator insights!

The FarmCon 19 Media Vault offers all the important talks of the Farming Simulator Community Event for you to download and watch anytime you want. In summary, you get over four hours of insightful content. Learn about the Map Design of Farming Simulator 19, when Senior Level Designer Florian Busse talks about the development of Felsbrunn and Ravenport. Listen to Gameplay Programmer Stefan Maurus as he explains the creation of a realistic simulation in the context of Serious Games.

Tying right into the topic is the Modder Panel about finding the right balance between realism and fun elements, presented by Marketing Manager Martin Rabl and guest speakers from LSModSource, Realismus Modding and Creative Mesh. On top of that you can dive right into the new Script Debugger presented by GIANTS CTO Stefan Geiger. Also included are guest presentations by CLAAS, Swiss Future Farm and Davis Wong. 

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