Farming Simulator Modding Tutorials 5.0 for free!

23. February 2024

Would you like to model a tractor for the game or create a map according to your own preferences, but don't know how? Then dive into the Farming Simulator Modding Tutorials 5.0. They provide important information for you to get started with your own mod. 

In 15 videos, you will learn the basics of how to build your own mods and incorporate your ideas into Farming Simulator 22. The tutorials include:

  1. Introduction & Blender Installation
  2. Installation of the .i3d exporter
  3. Surface materials
  4. Separating & setting pivots
  5. Components & compoundChildren
  6. Functional points
  7. modDescXML
  8. Vehicle XML
  9. Create animations with "Moving Tools"
  10. Insert effects
  11. Merge Groups & Bounding Volume
  12. Level of Detail
  13. Skinning
  14. Create store images
  15. Fine-Tuning

A Modder's Guide to the ModHub

With the Modder's Guide you will learn how to plan mods, which beginner's mistakes you should avoid and how to make it into the ModHub. You can find a digital booklet to download in the GIANTS Developer Network (GDN).

Mod for a good cause!

Creativity should be honored, and we reward your mods! The exact reward depends on the ratings, the number of downloads in the ModHub and the type of your mod. And it gets even better: If you donate your profits, we will double the amount! You can choose where profits go: German Animal Welfare Association, German Cancer Aid, World Hunger Aid, Doctors Without Borders, SOS Children's Village, Red Cross, WWF, or UNICEF.

Got more questions?

In the GDN, you will find all the software you need to create your mods. In addition to further tutorials, you can exchange ideas with like-minded people and experts on the forums. Or subscribe to our modding newsletter and stay up to date!

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