Farming Simulator Magazine - Issue #4 out now!

January 23, 2024

Get the fourth issue of the Official Farming Simulator Magazine - it's out now! It's available on paper at newsstands in selected regions, or digitally. 

On 52 pages, we present you with new mod & tech reviews, dev & content creator interviews, and more. Find the highlights below.

Highlights of Issue #4

  • Print Edition Goodie: Lanyard
  • Preview: Farming Simulator Kids
  • Review: Emergency Pack
  • Review: Farming Simulator 23 Content Update
  • Review: Thrustmaster Simtask Kit
  • Mod Reviews: Top 25 of the Season
  • Brand Spotlight: KUHN
  • Developer Interview: Tomáš Dostál (Head of Art Brno)
  • Mod Team Spotlight: Universu Simu
  • Influencer Spotlight: FarmSim Guy
  • Farming Simulator League & Event Reports
  • Guide, Tips & Tricks, Comic
  • and much more!

Available In 7 Languages

The magazine launches in seven languages and twelve countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Czech, and the Netherlands. The fifth issue will be released in April. Stay tuned!

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