[Forestry 101] How to Use Winches to Move Logs

Welcome to your next “Forestry 101” lesson at the Farming Simulator Academy! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use winches to transport logs in challenging terrain, especially inside forests. If you're looking for ways to transport high quantities of logs outside the forest, check out the tutorial about transporting & selling logs.

Please note: Winches are a new feature of the Platinum Expansion for Farming Simulator 22. You must purchase either the Platinum Edition of the game (including the base game + expansion) or the Platinum Expansion if you already own the base game!

Types of Winches & Areas of Application

Forestry winches are contraptions designed to pull heavy logs with the use of wire ropes. They help you move long logs of chopped-down trees through the forest to a collection point, from where you transport them to selling points or production sites.

  • Winches exist in two forms in the game: as attachments for your regular tractors or so-called multipurpose tractors like the Pfanzelt Pm Trac - a specialized form of tractor.
  • You attach the rope of a winch to logs and pull them with your vehicle to a more spacious collection point. 
  • Up to ten logs can be dragged across the forest with some winches, as two logs can be inserted into the implement directly. But beware, that only works with long and heavy logs, and driving too fast may result in losing them on your way. 

How To Use Winches

Step 1: Attach the winch

Attach the winch of your choice to your tractor (and make sure it meets the power requirements) or use a multipurpose tractor like the Pfanzelt Pm Trac that comes with a handy gripping arm (in case you lose logs on your way). Drive the vehicle to the place in the forest where you harvest trees.

Step 2: Grab and attach a rope

After harvesting one or multiple trees, grab a rope from the back of the implement. With the rope "in hand", you move to the log, look at it and press the assigned button to attach the rope.

Tip: If you're using the Pfanzelt Pm Trac or a similar machine with a gripper arm, you can pick up a log and insert into the implement directly (see image above). Two logs, one left and one right, can be dragged across the ground like this. But beware, driving too fast or mounting logs that are not long and heavy enough may result in loosing them on your way.

Step 3: Move the logs

When attached, you can carefully drag the logs to the collection point or wherever you want to transport them to. This is especially helpful on steep terrain to get the logs out of the deep forest. 

Tip: If the terrain is still too challenging, you might want to get the logs out of there by using yarders to overcome impassable terrain. 

Learn more about moving logs via yarders

Step 4: Further transport

If you need to transport large quantities of logs from the collection to a selling point or production site, use trailers or containers.

Learn more about transporting & selling logs outside the forest

Well done!

Congratulations, you transported logs with the help of a winch! Take some time and start the next lesson when you are ready. Keep at it and you'll be a top virtual farmer in no time!

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