Platinum Preview: Production Chains & Construction Projects

November 03, 2022

Are you ready for Platinum? In case you still think, there's not enough to do in Silverrun Forest, the new map coming with the Platinum Expansion and Platinum Edition, check out the new production chains and construction projects!

If you missed our previous news about new gameplay features and machines, you find all the previews in the list below.

There's Much To Do In Silverrun Forest!

Forestry is the focus of Silverrun Forest - although you can use some pre-placed fields or create your own to indulge in some good ol' agriculture. But, if you want to concentrate on the forestry aspect of farming, there's lots to do. 

Since you play a farmer, exceptionally involved in the community of Silverrun Forest, you get the opportunity to help the town to live up to its recreational potential. There are boats to build and a rollercoaster to get rolling. 

That is also where all this new production chains come into play. Obviously, we extended the core feature we introduced with Farming Simulator 22 by adding new goods to produce. Deliver logs from harvested trees to the paper factory, the wood turner or the barrel factory and many other production plants.

Ready For A Rollercoaster Ride?

Good news: you can ride it! But, you have to help finish it first. And this will take some time, as the creation of the rollercoaster is a long-term project, requiring a massive amount of resources that you will have to provide over time.

Depending on your seasonal length settings, it will take several in-game years to complete the rollercoaster construction, as you have to harvest wood and produce a variety of goods step by step. It took even our talented graphic designers multiple seasons to complete it, and they're using cheats to get all those resources and accelerate the process (how else did you think, we produce screenshots and trailers?).

There are eleven steps to complete the construction. When you deliver everything that is required for the current phase of construction, you can't just continue with the delivery for the next construction stage. You have to wait until the construction workers process all the resources and develop the rollercoaster. 

That gives you the time to continue logging, produce various goods from wood, or process iron from the mine into metal while playing around with all those exciting new machines included in the expansion. Check out the growing Platinum Fact Sheet Collection! And, once construction is complete, the rollercoaster becomes an asset for steady income.

Get The Boaty Floaty!

There's a boatyard you should visit. Different from the rollercoaster, your work here is never done. You can build boat after boat - and earn money for each one that takes off into the lake. That makes the boatyard an asset to gain intermediate income. 

Two stages have to be completed by delivering various resources. A boat is completed rather quickly, it takes a couple of days if you got the resources. Also, if you're wondering - the boats take off after construction only at exactly 2pm - the person in charge of launching the boats into the water seems to prefer to do it after lunch. Don't question it. 

The Platinum Expansion and Platinum Edition (base game + expansion) release on November 15th for PC, Mac, PlayStation®5 (PS5™), Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

Get The Season Pass!

If you want to extend your copy of the game with loads of new content, check out the Season PassEspecially, since you save money compared to buying the packs and the upcoming Platinum expansion separately. 

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