[Forestry 101] Hydraulic Breaking

November 18, 2021

Welcome to your next “Forestry 101” lesson of the Farming Simulator Academy! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the hydraulic breaker to get rid of rocks in Silverrun Forest. 

Please note: Hydraulic breaking is a new feature of the Platinum Expansion for Farming Simulator 22. You have to purchase either the Platinum Edition of the game (including the base game + expansion) or the Platinum Expansion if you already own the base game!

About Rocks, Blocking Your Path

When bringing more than 40 new machines included in the Platinum Expansion to the forest, those big rocks may block your path.

If you want to plant trees in a certain location or want to turn an area into a field for agricultural operations, you have to get rid of them via the hydraulic breaker - the Paladin SFB 750.

Hint: When taking on specific contracts by your neighbors in Silverrun Forest, the rocks you are assigned to get rid of are marked with a tiny flag, so you can spot them. 

What You Need

Equipment for breaking rocks

  • Skid-Steer Loader: New Holland L318
    • Hydraulic Breaker: Paladin SFB 750

Equipment for loading stones

  • Wheel Loader: Volvo-BM LM 841
    • Shovel Attachment

Equipment for transporting stones

  • Tractor: John Deere 7810
  • Trailer: Krampe Halfpipe HP 20

Breaking Rocks Into Pebbles

Step 1: Get the hydraulic breaker

When you take on special forestry missions that require you to break rocks, they are marked with a red flag - easy to spot from afar. If you are creating your own path through the forest, you have to spot them without this helpful indicator.

Take a skid-steer loader like the New Holland L318 or C332 of your choosing (find out more about loading machines) and attach the Paladin SFB 750! You attach the hydraulic crusher like any other attachment tool. 

Step 2: Break the rocks

Move to the rock in your path and activate the tool by unfolding it. Aim it at the rock and move the arm of your skid-steer loader into the rock until it vanishes bit by bit. 

Step 3: Load the stones

Well - now, we got a pile of pebble-like stones, and we need to move it. Using a shovel, you can load it into the trailer to sell it at the stone crusher, earning you some additional money.

This is the perfect opportunity to make use of the Volvo-BM LM 841 wheel loader in combination with a shovel attachment tool. Load the stones into a trailer. 

Step 4: Sell the stones

To transport stones, the Krampe Halfpipe HP 20 is a reliable choice - especially for construction sites, thanks to its torsion-resistant chassis and halfpipe-body for easy tipping. If you load the stones into the trailer using the shovel, you can now sell them at the stone crusher.

Well done!

Congratulations, you learned how to break rocks. Take your time and start on the next lesson, when you’re ready. Stay with the Farming Simulator Academy and you become a top-notch virtual farmer in no time!

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