Platinum Preview: Log Transport feat. Yarders, Winches & Containers

October 20, 2022

One of the many reasons why forestry is such fun is the logistics. With the upcoming Platinum Expansion for Farming Simulator 22, forestry and the options for transporting logs are getting an upgrade. Let's take a look at the means of transportation when playing in the woods of Silverrun Forest.

Drag Your Logs With Winches

Moving long logs of chopped-down trees through the forest and maneuvering them between other trees can be a hassle. That's where winches come into play. They exist in two forms: as attachments for your regular tractors or so-called multipurpose tractors like the Pfanzelt Pm Trac - a specialized form of tractor that is ready to go when you need to move logs.

Forestry winches are contraptions designed to pull heavy logs with the use of wire ropes. In Farming Simulator 22, you simply attach the rope of your chosen winch to one or multiple logs and pull them with your vehicle to a more spacious collection point. 

Up to ten logs can be dragged across the forest with some winches, as two logs can be inserted into the implement directly. But beware, that only works with long and heavy logs, and driving too fast may result in losing them on your way. 

Good thing, the Pfanzelt Felix and Pm Trac come with a clam bunk. So you can pick them up again in case you lost them on your way.

Bypass Rough Terrain With Yarders

Yarders are a fun piece of logging equipment. With the Platinum Expansion, we introduce two different kinds of yarders: the Koller K-300-T and the Koller K 307c-H.

They are used to bypass hilly or otherwise impassable terrain and transport logs out of the dense woods by using a system of cables to pull logs from their stump to a collection point.

In Silverrun Forest, you find some paths that may lead you to places that can serve as said collection points (or you just create your own where you want it). You can move logs via yarders up or downhill. 

The Koller K-300-T can only drag your logs upwards over a span of 500 meters (1,650 ft) - the collection point must be above the area where you harvest. The Koller K 307c-H is more flexible and can move both ways. It also spans 840 meters (2750 ft).

Place the yarder at your chosen collection point and grab a rope from the implement. With the rope "in hand", you move to the location in the forest, where you want to harvest trees. 

Find a sturdy tree to attach the rope to. If you aim at a suitable tree, it is indicated that you can attach the other end of the rope to it. Now, you have a straight line of rope that spans between the collection point and the harvesting area.

Now you can see the carriage appearing that you connect to cut logs. You can send the carriage on its way or make it follow you, so it's always right behind you. 

Attach a cut log from the harvesting area to the carriage by grabbing a rope.

If attached, you can send the carriage on its way - or make it follow you if you're on your way to the collection point anyway. 

Fill Your Containers!

Yay, containers! To ship your carefully harvested logs in high quantities, you can now use shipping containers. Use them to transport and sell them. They come in three different sizes: 12 meters (40 ft), 9 meters (30 ft) and 6 meters (20 ft) long.

Using an excavator like the Volvo EC250DL, EC380DL or other heavy machinery, you load them up by lifting the logs and driving them to the opened side of the container.

Make sure, they fit the size of the container. The length of the logs should be as close as possible to the length of the container. Too long, they won't fit. Too short, you will gain less money. So, don't you waste that precious space in those containers!

Using a wheel loader like the Volvo L180H with a pallet fork attachment, you can unload the shipping containers in the designated area of a factory or load them onto the train to sell them.

The Platinum Expansion and Platinum Edition (base game + expansion) release on November 15th for PC, Mac, PlayStation®5 (PS5™), Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

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