Swiss Future Farm by Oxigendavid now available for Farming Simulator 22

July 22, 2022

Welcome to the Swiss Future Farm in Farming Simulator 22! Made by Oxygendavid, the updated version of the mod contest winning map comes along with new features and various enhancements. Check out this little teaser video!

The popular map is available to download from ModHub on PC and consoles. The Swiss Future Farm for Farming Simulator 22 contains a faithful replica of the real farm in the Tänikon, Switzerland. 

Updated mod map by Oxygendavid

See the list of enhanced features below. Enjoy an expanded and more lively landscape with more fields than before and improved accessibility. If you're new to the Swiss Future Farm, the version for Farming Simulator 22 is the perfect entry point. 

  • Expanded area
  • Additional fields
  • Working silos at the farm
  • Hay loft
  • Pigs, sheep, cows, horses
  • Animated slurry pit
  • Improved accessibility
  • More traffic
  • Enhanced PDA map
  • Replica of the real life farm and surroundings
  • 40 fields with missions - small/medium/huge
  • 2 selling points, BGA sawmill and more
  • Collectibles 
  • Lots of custom-built models

About Swiss Future Farm

The ultimate goal of the Swiss Future Farm: bundling knowledge, leading to agricultural innovation. Its intention is to create an ideal basis for research and development of agricultural technology. One of the top priorities is to stay at eye level with all kinds of farmers.

Swiss Future Farm is a public-private project by AGCO Corporation, GVS Agrar AG and the Arenenberg Education and Consulting Center. Find more information about Swiss Future Farm and its partners on the official website at

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